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Web Console Enhancements


Use tags to organize and manage splits and segments across the Split web console. You can use tags to isolate splits and segments for a particular team or feature release. Create tags like “reporting team”, “front end”, or “geo search release”. Visit the documentation to learn more.


Split groups are a convenient way to manage a collection of users in your organization. You can use groups to grant administrative controls and grant environment, split or segment level controls. Visit the documentation to learn more.


Building on groups, Split’s permissioning can be enabled by environment, by split, or by segment, limiting the actions non-editors can take. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Segment Includes

Target 100% of a segment with ease, making many clicks, just a few. Add a segment to the includes section of the editor to serve a particular treatment to all of the IDs in that segment.

SDK Enhancements

.NET Core Support

The .NET SDK is now compatible with .NET Core. Visit the documentation to learn more.

TypeScript Support

The JavaScript SDK now supports TypeScript. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Node.JS & Redis

Node.JS now integrates with Redis and exposes the Manager API to inspect Splits and treatments. Visit the documentation to learn more.

JavaScript SDK Local Storage

The JS SDK can now use localStorage as a cache, so subsequent page loads can benefit from faster SDK initialization time. Split will only request the difference from the server, further-reducing load time. Visit the documentation to learn more.

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We have a lot to explore that can help you understand feature flags. Learn more about benefits, use cases, and real world applications that you can try.

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