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Integrate Split with Segment
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About Segment

Segment is a single platform for collecting customer data and sending it to analytics, marketing, and data warehousing services.

Segment and Split

Split can be both a data destination and a source for Segment. Ingest data from Segment to power your A/B tests and feature release alerts. Send Split impression data to Segment to enrich your existing analytics solutions, and pull user event and customer identities tracked in Segment to Split for analysis in a feature-driven context. You can also use Segment to send Split impression data to your warehouse or third-party applications.

What can I do with the Split Segment Integration?

Here are a few of the things you can do when combining Segment and Split.

  • Test and validate features. Set up Split as Segment destination in order to create and customize metrics based on your Segment data. Split uses this data when calculating the results of A/B tests and alerts.
  • Add feature flag data to user analytics. Impressions in Split capture a unique UID that you configure. If you share UIDs across analytics, you can easily correlate a user’s feature experience with their other activity.
  • Warehouse Split impression data. Segment provides an easy and convenient way to get data out of Split, storing it for future use in whatever way you might dream up.
  • Send Split data to other applications. Segment makes a great ‘lingua franca’ between applications, and Split is no exception. If you’re looking to send your Split impression data to a third party that we don’t directly support, Segment would be a great place to start.

Integrate Split with Segment Today

As an initial partner for Segment’s Developer Center, Split has made configuration connections as a Segment source or destination easier than ever.

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