Integrate Split with Amplitude

Amplitude is the leading product intelligence platform that helps companies use their customer data to build great product experiences for systematic business growth. With this integration, engineering and product teams are able to bridge the gap between feature delivery and user behavior to better understand customers and make data-driven decisions on how to improve the product.

Send Split impression data to Amplitude, combining feature-level data with user data to see how customers are interacting with each treatment and determine which features are producing the most favorable outcomes. Send Amplitude event data to Split through your Customer Data Platform (Segment or mParticle) to create metrics defined by user data to guide your experiments.

What can I do with the Split Amplitude Integration?

Combine your feature flags and user data with Amplitude and Split.

  • Map the full user journey. Feature-level data is often the missing piece to mapping out user behavior in a product. This integration sends Split impression data to Amplitude and automatically matches each impression to a user. Impressions will appear as “Events” in Amplitude and contain details on which feature flag variation a user saw and what targeting rule was applied. From here, you can create Cohorts in Amplitude based on feature flag variations and track how users interacted with each variation to determine the winning feature.
  • Run full stack experiments. Bring Amplitude user data into Split via Segment or mParticle to automatically calculate and monitor metrics you care about as you run experiments. For example, define metrics by user data such as pageviews, clicks, or conversions within Split. Use these metrics to steer your experiments and quickly iterate features that drive desired business outcomes.

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