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Deploy faster and safer on AWS

The Split Feature Data Platform,™ built on top of AWS and available on AWS Marketplace, elevates the approach of building, releasing, and monitoring features. By pairing feature flags with data measurement capabilities, Split is helping businesses release features quickly, more intelligently, and with less risk.

  • Reduce engineering cycle time – Empower teams to deploy when they want, roll out changes whenever they are ready, and dynamically adjust features in production.
  • Mitigate release risk – Split’s feature flags allow you to separate code deployments from releases. Roll out features with guardrail metrics and alerting in place, to catch faulty releases early on without disrupting the user experience.
  • Deliver features that matter – When paired with measurement data, feature flags also power experimentation so you can prove out your best ideas without slowing down. Split can send and receive data from Amazon S3, speeding up data analysis and providing your business customer insights in real-time.

Split’s Amazon S3 integration has allowed us to bring feature context to downstream tools our team uses. We’re now able to provide all teams with feature context to achieve critical and timely insights”.

Bryan Henson, Digital Experience Manager, BorrowWorks

In this sample application, a user deploys a typical three-tier application in EKS and makes it globally available through CloudFront. RDS Aurora is the primary database and two queuing systems funnel data through SQS and Kinesis.

Through feature flags, a sample tracing of logs can be sent to specific webhooks on the internet and the sample ratio is controlled by a second feature flag.

Flag: {"enable_sample_tracing" :["ON","OFF"]}
Flag: {"tracing_sample_percentage" : 10}

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Accelerating the pace of innovation on Amazon S3 and in AWS Marketplace is one of our key focus areas for customers. Split’s solution is part of our growing AWS Marketplace DevOps category as feature management and experimentation are critical to our customers who are modernizing their cloud-native software delivery.”

Mona Chadha, Director of Category Management, Amazon Web Services

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