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Create an integration with Split and empower your customers’ feature release processes, enabling cross-team collaboration, experimentation, and more.

Our Partner Program offers our Technology Provider partners integration and promotional support, co-sell support, and ongoing enablement opportunities. Additionally, partners who have had demonstrable joint success can grow in our program and unlock additional benefits over time.

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Together with Split, we’re delivering impactful digital experiences for our customers. Our tech partnership, driven by our integration, allows our customers to combine rich, feature-level context with real-time user data to analyze the feature-level impact on the user journey.”

Raj Ramanujam, VP of Worldwide Partnerships & Alliances, Quantum Metric Foods

Speed Up Software Development

By partnering with Split, our customers gain actionable insights on how to iterate on new features and improve the user experience. By combining our powerful product analytics solution together with Split’s Feature Data Platform, teams can make data-driven decisions on how to improve new features and deliver better conversion to the business as a result.

Scott Singerman, VP of Global Partnerships, Mixpanel

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