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Press Release

Split Announces Intelligent Security Framework for Enterprise Software Delivery

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Split, the intelligent software delivery platform that gives companies control over their users’ experience, today announced the Split Intelligent Security (SPIS) Framework, making it the first company to provide comprehensive enterprise security for software delivery.

Split’s intelligent software delivery platform is the go-to solution for engineers, product managers, and teams to accelerate product ideas into customer experience outcomes. From basic feature flags to a comprehensive safe launch and experimentation solution, Split provides a range of capabilities to customers, such as thredUP and Main Street Hub to give them agility, safety, and optimization in their product development lifecycle.

A software delivery platform can put these capabilities in the hands of anyone at the enterprise, from engineer to CEO, but with that power comes the need for rigorous access control and data security. Any unauthorized access can directly impact customer experience, which is why SPIS approaches security from these six vectors:

  • Access Security: Two-factor authenticationSAML-based account provisioningrole-based access controls, and detailed audit logs enable customers to define the access level of each of their teammates;
  • Data Privacy: Pushing complex user targeting to an on-premise software development kit ensures that Split will help organizations target experiences to their customers while securing customer information and data;
  • Product Security: Secure development practices govern the release of each change to the Split platform. In addition, Split regularly undergoes rigorous third-party security auditing by Gotham Digital Science and has achieved OWASP-10 certification;
  • Infrastructure Security: Infrastructure penetration testing, limited access to production systems by only trained professionals, and periodic backups secure Split’s infrastructure against threats;
  • Compliance: By not requiring user data to be sent outside of your network, Split brings targeted feature rollout to compliance-sensitive companies.
    “Enterprises are relying more and more on third-party applications, leading to a greater number of user accounts across a range of services, exposing organizations to a high risk of security breaches,” said Adil Aijaz, co-founder and CEO at Split. “We’re delighted to be the first vendor to solve this problem comprehensively for software delivery, allowing our customers to deliver software faster, without compromising security or customer experience.”

As part of its security framework, Split today adds support for SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On including Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin.

SAML 2.0 is available today to all Split customers. To sign up for Split, visit or contact

To learn more, read the Split blog post here:

About Split

Split is the leading Feature Delivery Platform for engineering teams that want to confidently release features as fast as they can develop them. Split’s fine-grained management, real-time monitoring, and data-driven experimentation ensure that new features will improve customer experience without breaking or degrading performance. Split ingests performance data and runs real-time statistical analyses on every new feature so that engineering teams can respond immediately to bad releases, measure changes in user experience, and build high-quality software. Engineering teams at Twilio, Salesforce, and WePay trust Split to power their feature delivery. Get started for free at

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