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Pete Hodgson

Keystone Flags: Feature Flagging With Less Mess

Keystone flags deliver all the safety benefits of feature flagging while minimizing the cruft that those same feature flags can add to your code.

Enhance Jest for Better Feature Flag Testing in JavaScript

By adding some custom extensions to Jest you can test your feature-flagged code in a declarative, expressive way.

Feature Flag Flow: The Key to Sane Feature Flag Management

By focusing on feature flag flow, teams can reap the full benefits of feature flagging while also keeping the number of active flags to a manageable level.

Testing a Feature-Flagged Change

Engineers are deploying half-finished features into production, and they’re doing it on purpose. They use feature flags to hide their partially completed work. You can too.

A Simple Guide to Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering: injecting failure into production systems to proactively validate that those systems handle a degraded environment.

Monitor Your Feature Flag Performance with New Relic

By pushing feature flagging metadata into New Relic, you can understand the impact of a feature change across any metric you care about, in real time.

Monitor Your Java Application with New Relic

We’ll take a quick look at using New Relic to sleuth through a production incident, and then walk through setting it up for a Spring Boot web service.

You Might Not Need Continuous Deployment

Of the teams I spoke with who are practicing Continuous Delivery, the vast majority were not practicing Continuous Deployment. Let’s explore why that might be.

Continuous Delivery in the Wild: 4 Successful Practices

There’s more than one way to succeed with Continuous Delivery. In this article we summarize four of the common tactics various organizations employ.