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Ed Sawma

Editing Splits is Now Faster Than Ever

Our product and engineering teams recently did a deep dive with our customers to understand how they used the current Split editor. We discovered several ways that the editor could be improved to save customers time and make it easier to use. Here’s a list of improvements we made to the Split editor.

Top 5 Predictions in DevOps and Analytics for 2018

New technology is becoming available for use by enterprises to help them make smarter product decisions. Here are the top 5 trends we see unfolding in 2018.

Split Makes Waves at AWS re:Invent

We demoed our new feature experimentation platform at the event, and the response was overwhelming. Engineering leaders saw the value of controlling the blast radius of a new feature, by only exposing it to beta customers or even doing a percentage-based roll-out to users that match specific attributes.

Powering Data-Driven Product Decisions with the Split Feature Experimentation Platform

Split offers a secure way to roll out software, target features to customers & analyze the impact of features on key metrics.