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There’s a major benefit to continuous integration and deployment. As organizations continue to adopt DevOps practices like these, a slight cultural shift is often needed. To do things right, it requires more than a new software license. It takes collaboration, conversation, learning, and support. It’s an ongoing journey, which is why we designed an enablement program called, Journeys to Best Practices. It’s our commitment to being your partner and guide—no matter where you are in your journey. Part of our Journeys to Best Practice initiative includes launching the self-service learning management system (LMS), called Split Arcade.

We’re here to help you achieve more on your software development journey. The launch of our new Split Arcade is just another way of doing so. It’s not your typical zoom class. The Split Arcade is an on-demand learning and certification path that’s fun, flexible, and interactive.

Split Arcade students will revel in a nostalgic, gamified experience that provides them with technical training, interactive tutorials, and guidance from industry experts. Students can test their knowledge along the way, earning certificates and LinkedIn badges to validate their core competencies. The learning process happens in a safe and private space, so team members can hone their skills without breaking things.

Focus on the Features and Use Cases That Matter Most

I’ve been wanting to use Split metrics for a while but didn’t understand them until now. Thanks to this training I now feel like I can use them to help my company evaluate experiments

Split Arcade Customer

Split Arcade helps you stay focused on the features that matter most to your role by offering persona-specific training and certification paths in Engineering, Product Management, and Administration. It draws your attention to the features and use cases that will deliver immediate value.

The Split Arcade currently offers certification courses like Feature Flagging Foundations and Advanced Feature Flagging. Others will soon be on their way.

Via step level certifications, the Split Arcade meets you and your team members where you are. Students gain access to advanced Level 2 Certifications after successfully applying the fundamentals to help reduce cognitive overload during their onboarding journey, ensuring an enjoyable experience.

Interactive and Accessible Content for Every Type of Student

Split Arcade boasts highly-interactive content, including product explainer videos, clickable product tutorials, manipulatable code examples, and a number of other challenges. No product access is needed!

Split Arcade was built with accessibility in mind. This includes closed-captioning, text enlargement options, audio speed controls, and the removal of red and green color coding.

To help you and your team on your Journey to Best Practice, Split Arcade is available to all of our currently paying customers. Sign up today, and complete training within 30 days of registration. Seats are limited. If you need additional seats, contact your customer success manager.

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Split Arcade includes product explainer videos, clickable product tutorials, manipulatable code examples, and interactive challenges.

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Split gives product development teams the confidence to release features that matter faster. It’s the only feature management and experimentation solution that automatically attributes data-driven insight to every feature that’s released—all while enabling astoundingly easy deployment, profound risk reduction, and better visibility across teams. Split offers more than a platform: It offers partnership. By sticking with customers every step of the way, Split illuminates the path toward continuous improvement and timely innovation. Switch on a trial account, schedule a demo, or contact us for further questions.

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We have a lot to explore that can help you understand feature flags. Learn more about benefits, use cases, and real world applications that you can try.

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