Split Adds SOC 2 Certification and GDPR-Readiness to its Intelligent Security Framework

Today we are excited to announce continued investments in Split’s Intelligent Security (SPIS) Framework with several enhancements to Split’s security presence.

SOC2 Certification

This announcement marks Split’s SOC2 Type 1 certification. This certification underscores Split’s dedication and commitment to security and Enterprise readiness.

Our report is available upon request and highlights details regarding:

  • Split’s security policies
  • Split’s compliance policies
  • Split’s change management process
  • Split’s data backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Split’s monitoring and alerting practices

Providing an always-on and highly secure feature flagging and feature experimentation service is core to the Split platform. From the beginning we have designed and built our infrastructure and practices with security and reliability as a top priority and are excited to validate this with SOC2 certification.

To request a copy of Split’s SOC 2 report, please email security@split.io.

GDPR Readiness

Split is committed to implementing its GDPR readiness program and understands the importance of a successful transition to GDPR for its customers. Read more about Split’s GDPR efforts.

Trust & Security

This announcement also marks the launch of Split’s Trust & Security section on our website and dedicated security and compliance documentation providing you with insights into the policies and procedures Split maintains.

For more, please visit Trust & Security, and to understand more details regarding our policies and procedures, view our security and compliance documentation.

Legal Information

This announcement also marks the launch of Split’s new Legal section on our website. Here you can find copies of Split’s Privacy Policy, Split’s Cookie Policy, and a list of Split’s subprocessors. For more, please visit the Legal section on our website.

More Resources

For more, please visit Trust & Security, including:

  • Privacy – Split is data optional. If you do decide to send us data, it becomes our responsibility and we’re committed to protecting it from unauthorized access.
  • Security – Split follows extensive practices to track and protect your data as it moves through Split’s services.
  • Compliance – Split is committed to achieving and maintaining the trust of our customers. Integral to this mission is providing a robust compliance program that ensures the confidentiality of your data.