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Funding the Future of Feature Delivery

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I’m thrilled to announce that Split has closed a $33 million Series C investment round, led by Comcast Ventures. With this round, we’ve been able to invite in additional new investors including Microsoft’s m12, 01 Advisors, Atlassian, and ServiceNow. Along with our previous investors, Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Harmony Partners, these teams join with us in the belief that feature flags are not just the foundation of safe feature delivery at scale, but also that data capture and analysis tied to feature flags can transform product development.

Every day, I see how Split is transforming product development teams. Today, Split averages over one trillion feature flags served each month to over one billion users. And, over 350 enterprises are powering safe, reliable feature delivery with Split.

And we’re just getting started. As we’ve seen this year, our entire world runs on software — our work, our kids’ academics, our home workouts, our social lives, and so much more. Emerging companies that are redefining how we live in this new world are doing so by using Split. Grocery delivery services like Imperfect Foods, e-learning platforms like Skillshare, streaming services from Comcast and TV New Zealand, and e-health companies like Galileo are all using Split to deliver offerings that have become intrinsic parts of our modern lives.

Split allows us to account for all the other things that are going on in the world and isolate the impact of the change we made on our users and business.

Jean Steiner, Ph.D. and VP of Data Science, Skillshare

We’ve been able to measure product impact and show that the ideas that we’ve worked on have produced tangible business results. Split has been really useful for us.

Nathan Wichmann, Product Manager, TV New Zealand

And established enterprises understand the power of Split’s platform to help them adapt to the ever-changing economic environment. This includes brands like National Geographic, Sony, and EA, some of the world’s largest financial services companies like Experian, Swedbank, and TIAA, and tech companies like Twilio, VMware, SAP, and Salesforce.

Split’s full-stack experimentation platform has been built with engineering and product teams in mind. It’s robust architecture, and rich feature set integrates into our internal platforms and helps power experimentation across our entire engineering organization.

Laura Schaffer, Product Manager, Twilio

Now more than ever, the need for what Split provides is critical. We help enterprises around the globe quickly and fearlessly develop the best software possible to help us manage our world in uncertain times.

I’m excited by the broad expertise and success of our new investors. We’re working with experienced financial investors who recognize the growing strength of our business model. We’re also excited to bring in operational giants like Adam Bain and Dick Costolo (01 Advisors) who know the power of a platform like ours from their days at Twitter, where feature experimentation built that platform into the cultural zeitgeist it is today.

I’m particularly honored that Microsoft, Atlassian, and ServiceNow are significant participants in this round. These companies share our belief in the power of bringing together data with feature flags as a critical step in helping product and engineering leaders talk about software development in terms of business impact. I look forward to deepening these relationships as Split grows.

I believe that to compete every company must become a software company. As the rate of digital transformation accelerates, Split is positioned to not just deliver speed, safety, and efficiency, but also impact.

Split is at the heart of this transformation, and we believe that the opportunity to transform how the world develops software will happen around a few key themes:

  • Continuous. Sustainability and continuity, as it turns out, are really about becoming more efficient at adapting to change and constantly shipping new features. Modern feature delivery significantly reduces the cost of making change at scale. The world’s biggest enterprises know this, and they’re driving digital transformations at an incredible rate.
  • Autonomous and inclusive. True data- and customer-driven development can only happen effectively when it’s done autonomously and teams are empowered to act on the data they receive. Inclusive, democratic decision-making by product managers, engineers, designers, and data scientists allows organizations to drive impact and meet customer needs.
  • Powered by data. We know that to make good decisions, organizations need access to consistent and trustworthy data, clearly defined variables, and to move away from “single right answer” thinking and toward options and tradeoffs. This experimentation-based approach allows focus to be rightly placed on outcomes, not output.
  • Flexible and adaptable. In 2020, organizations have been forced to grapple with change across several landscapes simultaneously: public health, our economy, and the political environment, to name a few. Companies that respond to uncertainty with rigorous experimentation powered by a willingness to question their own habits, beliefs, and entrenched processes are more likely to come out of this season of change with strong customer loyalty and a secure future.

We still have a long way to go in our journey to transform the way product teams deliver impactful software. Join us on this adventure!

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