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Split Demo

In this webinar, you can gain valuable insights into how Split empowers teams to release features with confidence, measure their impact, and make informed decisions based on data.


In this webinar, we explored how Split helps product and engineering teams release features safely and efficiently, with a focus on creating maximum impact. We discussed the concept of the “impact gap,” where a significant percentage of released features do not create customer business value, and how Split aims to minimize this gap.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to Split: Learn about Split’s mission to help software development teams reduce development time, mitigate release risk, and focus on features that solve customer and business problems.
  • Feature Flags: Understand the concept of feature flags and how they enable safe feature releases. Feature flags act as if-else statements that wrap code, allowing teams to turn features on or off, perform progressive rollouts, and target specific user attributes.
  • Experimentation with Data: Explore Split’s experimentation platform, which attaches data to each feature flag. This allows teams to understand the impact of features on important business metrics and engineering metrics in real time. By treating every feature as an experiment, teams can make data-driven decisions and optimize for maximum impact.
  • Split Architecture: Get an overview of Split’s architecture, including its deployment in the cloud and the use of SDKs for feature flag evaluation. Contrasted with other third-party solutions, Split’s approach ensures data privacy, low latency, and the ability to continue evaluations even during network disruptions.
  • Demo Walkthrough: Follow along with Luis as he demonstrates the various functionalities of Split, including individual targeting, percentage-based rollouts, dynamic configurations, and integrations with tools like Jira Cloud and Segment.

If you have any questions or would like a personalized demo, please reach out to us at the provided email address. Thank you for your interest in Impact-Driven Development with Split!

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