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Impactful Software Delivery Through Feature Experimentation

Learn about the solution used by many of the largest companies in the world to ensure that they are delivering a great digital experience by continually improving their digital products without the risk of a large-scale releases.


Welcome to the replay of our webinar on impactful software delivery through feature experimentation. In this webinar, David Martin, a Solutions Engineer from Split, provides insights into the challenges of software development and how feature flags can revolutionize the process.

Traditionally, software development relied on releasing new versions and hoping that customers would upgrade. However, with the advent of the cloud, continuous delivery became possible. Despite this progress, many software companies still struggle with delivering features that have a positive impact on their goals. In fact, industry literature suggests that around 80% of released features have either a neutral or negative impact.

To address this problem, David introduces feature flags as a solution. Feature flags allow developers to separate release from deployment, enabling them to make informed decisions about when and how to roll out features. By using feature flags, teams can conduct A/B testing and gather performance and behavioral data to measure the impact of their features accurately.

David also explains Split’s feature delivery platform, which includes basic feature flagging as well as monitoring and experimentation capabilities. With Split, teams can capture customer behavior and experiences, either through built-in techniques or by integrating with popular tools such as Segment, MParticle, RutterStack, or Mixpanel. The platform provides a low-latency, cloud-driven architecture that ensures secure and efficient feature flag evaluation.

During the webinar, David demonstrates how Split’s feature flags can be implemented in both client-side and server-side architectures. He showcases the ease of rolling out features to specific user segments and conducting controlled experiments. He also emphasizes the importance of tracking feature flags throughout their lifecycle, from creation to retirement, and highlights Split’s rollout board and audit log as useful tools for managing feature flags effectively.

If you missed the live webinar or want to review the valuable insights shared by David Martin, you can watch the replay here. Gain a deeper understanding of impactful software delivery through feature experimentation and discover how feature flags can transform your development process.

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