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Game Design Thinking for Rapid Innovation

Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights into leveraging game design thinking for rapid innovation and building products that captivate your target audience.


Discover the power of game design thinking for driving rapid innovation in this insightful webinar with Amy Jo Kim. As an influential game designer and startup coach, Amy Jo shares her expertise in using game thinking to achieve 10x product market fit. By applying principles from game design to digital services, you can build products that deeply engage users and drive long-term success.

Key Takeaways

  • Solving the right problem: Learn how to identify and address the core issues your target audience faces, avoiding the pitfalls of building products that don’t meet their needs.
  • Design thinking for better results: Embrace the double diamond design model to expand and contract your understanding of problem space and deliver effective solutions.
  • Empathizing with the right people: Discover the importance of focusing on your innovators and early adopters, designing for their needs, habits, and frustrations to pave the way for broader market adoption.
  • Designing for sustained engagement: Upgrade your user experience over time, helping customers improve in an area they care about and providing increasing value along their journey.
  • Playtesting for success: Test core functionality with early adopters, leveraging their feedback and iterating on your design to drive engagement and delight users.
  • Building a learning loop: Engage intrinsic motivation by empowering users, making them more skillful and fulfilling their desire for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • Case study insights: Explore real-world examples from successful projects like Covet Fashion and Slack, understanding how they applied game thinking principles to create engaging experiences.

Join this webinar replay to gain valuable insights into leveraging game design thinking for rapid innovation and building products that captivate your target audience.

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