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Continuous Delivery in the Wild

Join us as we break it down with Split Continuous Delivery Evangelist Dave Karow and Pete Hodgson.


Discover the Insights of “Continuous Delivery in the Wild” – A Webinar Replay

Join us for an illuminating webinar replay on the topic of Continuous Delivery in the Wild, featuring Dave Karrow and Pete Hodgson. In this engaging session, we delve into the world of continuous delivery practices, exploring real-world stories from various organizations succeeding with this methodology.

Pete Hodgson, an independent software delivery consultant and author of the book “Continuous Delivery in the Wild,” shares his extensive research and insights gained from interviewing a diverse range of companies. These organizations, while spanning different industries, sizes, and ages, all share a common thread – they deploy software to production daily, exemplifying successful continuous delivery.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reducing Batch Size for Increased Efficiency: Discover the significance of reducing batch sizes in the software delivery process. Learn how smaller, frequent deployments lead to faster time-to-value, reduced waste, and enhanced product quality. Pete Hodgson discusses the relationship between batch size and software delivery performance, backed by data from the book “Accelerate.”
  • Architectural Context Matters: Explore the impact of architectural choices on release management. Compare the practices of service-oriented architecture (microservices) versus monolithic systems. Understand how ownership of deployable artifacts influences release engineering practices and how context-specific approaches drive success.
  • Practical Insights for Sustainable Continuous Delivery: Gain valuable insights into how leading organizations implement sustainable continuous delivery practices. Discover strategies for achieving smaller batch sizes within your specific architectural context and learn about the “release bus” approach for managing releases.
  • Customizing Practices for Success: Embrace the idea that one-size-fits-all approaches may not work in the world of continuous delivery. Understand the importance of adapting practices to your organization’s unique context, architecture, and needs to achieve successful and efficient continuous delivery.

If you’re looking to optimize your software delivery practices, understand how different architectures impact your approach, and gain practical insights into achieving sustainable continuous delivery, this webinar replay is a must-watch. Learn from real-world experiences and tailor your continuous delivery practices to your organization’s unique journey.

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