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Split Azure DevOps Integration Demo

The webinar provides a practical demonstration of the Split and Azure DevOps integration, showcasing its capabilities in managing feature flags and streamlining the continuous delivery process.


Experience seamless continuous delivery with Split and Azure DevOps integration. Connect work items to feature flags, set up targeting rules, and release with confidence. Improve development practices and deliver features faster and safer. Try our demo with Pac-Man and see the benefits for yourself.

This webinar presented by Dave Karow, Continuous Delivery Advocate at Split, focused on demonstrating the new integration between Split and Azure DevOps. The integration aimed to streamline and enhance the continuous delivery process and enable trunk-based development practices.

This webinar began with an introduction to the two primary capabilities of the integration. The first capability allowed users to connect work items to feature flags, enabling the creation and association of feature flags within work items. The second capability involved using a release pipeline task to create a targeting rule. This rule ensured that a baseline configuration was set for an environment before deploying code to it.

Dave then proceeded to demonstrate the integration in action using a Pac-Man game as an example. He explained that the goal was to make the game more challenging by adding a new feature. He showed how the pipeline could be set up to incorporate the Split task, which created the targeting rule for the staging environment. He also showcased the ability to define complex targeting definitions using JSON and dynamic configurations.

Next, Dave discussed the process of connecting a work item to a feature flag. He marked a task as in progress and showcased how a feature flag could be created directly from the work item in Azure DevOps. He also demonstrated how an existing feature flag could be associated with a release task for future deployment.

Afterwards, Dave focused on the development aspect of the sprint. He edited the code to add the desired feature and committed the changes. This action triggered the pipeline, and he emphasized the link between the commit and the associated task in Azure DevOps. He highlighted the role of the targeting rule in controlling the feature flag behavior during deployment.

This webinar concluded by highlighting the ease of managing feature flags during the release process. Dave showed how quickly a feature flag could be deactivated in case of an issue by accessing the Split UI directly from Azure DevOps and using a kill switch.

Key Takeaways

  • Connect work items to feature flags
  • Associate feature flags within work items
  • Streamline and make deployments safer
  • Achieve continuous delivery practices
  • Create targeting rules for environments
  • Demo with Pac-Man game example
  • Enhance release pipeline with Split task
  • Modify code and trigger pipeline
  • Create and associate feature flags within work items
  • Deploy to staging and production environments
  • Test and control feature flags in real-time
  • Easily switch between different flag configurations

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