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Trust & Security

Reliability at Split

Split’s services are architected from the ground up with performance and high availability at the foundation.

Split's Foundation of Reliability

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Split is committed to providing highly available and performant software. Split is Hosted in AWS US-East-1 (Virginia) & US-West-2 (Oregon), providing fail over capabilities. The status site provides transparency around service availability and performance for the Split product.

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Split developers are empowered to test their own features and processes implemented by Split’s QA team ensures a consistent and bug-free customer experience. As you’d expect, Split’s feature flags are used to test code and applications with a small set of customers to quickly identify issues, roll back where necessary, and constantly measure to improve the customer experience.


As you’d expect, Split’s Experimentation product is used to constantly monitor and drive performance improvements across key metrics such as load times and responsiveness with every feature rollout.

Incident Response

Split maintains a consistent incident management process which includes procedures and multiple levels of escalation. Split is continuously looking to improve its process to reduce the impact of incidents, decrease the time to resolve, and most importantly avoid the chance of repeat incidents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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