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Management Console

Enhanced Split Editor

It is now faster than ever to create a split with a simple on/off or percentage-based rule, and easier than ever to build very granular, sophisticated targeting rules. The Split editor now automatically color-codes each treatment of a feature, letting you easily track that treatment across other areas of the management console. The editor allows you to add only the whitelists you need, hides traffic allocation when equal to 100% and hides granular targeting rules when not in use. These enhancements let you quickly configure treatments and set a default rule. Or, add just the amount of complexity to the configuration you need. See Using the Split Editor in the documentation.

Security Framework

Admin Unblock of Users

Split Administrators can now directly unlock user accounts that have been locked due to an incorrect password being entered 5 times. This adds to the existing capability for an end-user to unlock an account by going through a self-service password reset flow. See Unblock a User in the documentation.

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