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Web Console Enhancements

Impression Labels

Impression tables now render additional information about the impression and the particular reason a treatment was shown. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Drag-and-drop Conditions

Drag and drop makes it easy to adjust your rollout plan. Want to move a condition earlier in the evaluation order? Not a problem, via drag and drop you can change the condition order with ease.

Segment Restructuring

Same power with better organization. We heard your feedback! No longer do you need to create 3 segments with the same name for 3 different environments. Create one segment and simply “add to environment” to begin utilizing in your rollout plans in that environment. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Blocking Access on Failed Login

We’re continuing to add security, first with two-factor authentication and now by blocking application access after five failed login attempts.

SDK Enhancements

.NET Redis Support

Enable Redis in .NET to add an extra level of caching. Visit the documentation to learn more.

In-memory Cache

Run Split SDK with in-memory cache on popular frameworks like Django in multi-process mode on uWSGI servers. Visit the documentation to learn more.

Want to Dive Deeper?

We have a lot to explore that can help you understand feature flags. Learn more about benefits, use cases, and real world applications that you can try.

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