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Here are some additional resources for you as you explore the value of feature flags + data in your development and delivery processes.

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Need a Two-Minute Summary of Split?

This executive overview is a great way to spread the idea of Split, especially to other stakeholders in your organization. Rather see some coding examples? Jump ahead to the code tutorials in the next section.

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Want to Play With Code?

These code tutorials let you try a bit of coding with Split’s feature flags, for free. We wrote these to be self-contained, easily spun-up projects, with all the files you need provided via public git repos.

Pac-Man Shows You the Benefits of Feature Flags

We can learn a lot from classic video games like Pac-Man. In this post, we explore how to change game behavior using feature flags.

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Take Your JavaScript Skills Mobile with React Native

What if you could use the skills you already have and write code once and run it on both iOS and Android? 

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Curious About the Feature Delivery Lifecycle?

Enterprises on Split employ the Feature Delivery Lifecycle to accelerate innovation, leveraging feature flags and experimentation.

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Bring Back the Joy of Building

When it feels like too much is being lumped onto the plates of software engineers, feature management programs can ease their burdens. This white paper examines why that is and what solutions to implement for maximum velocity.

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