Here are some additional resources for you as you explore the value of feature flags + data in your development and delivery processes.

Need a Two-Minute Summary of Split?

This executive overview is a great way to spread the idea of Split, especially to other stakeholders in your organization. Rather see some coding examples? Jump ahead to the code tutorials in the next section.

Want to Play With Code?

These code tutorials let you try a bit of coding with Split’s feature flags, for free. We wrote these to be self-contained, easily spun-up projects, with all the files you need provided via public git repos.

Pac-Man Shows You the Benefits of Feature Flags

We can learn a lot from classic video games like Pac-Man. In this post, we explore how to change game behavior using feature flags.

Take Your JavaScript Skills Mobile with React Native

What if you could use the skills you already have and write code once and run it on both iOS and Android? That’s exactly what React Native gets you.

More code tutorials await you in our blog’s developer section.

Curious About the Feature Delivery Lifecycle?

Enterprises on Split employ the Feature Delivery Lifecycle to accelerate innovation, leveraging feature flags and experimentation for faster development, safer releases, and maximum business impact. Learn more here.

Do We Have A White Paper? Yes.

Learn how to get the most value out of your software delivery process — by implementing Continuous Delivery with feature flags.

Looking for More Light Reading?

Since you found us at AWS, you can download any of these e-books directly, without filling out a pesky form.

Continous Delivery in the Wild

See how teams of different sizes and industries have all pulled off daily (or more frequent) releases by focusing on small batch sizes, trunk-based development, and a handful of other practices. Based on field interviews former Thoughtworks consultant Pete Hodgson conducted with a dozen or so teams, this book is a must-read whether you are starting the journey to CD or looking to take it up a notch.

Feature Flag Best Practices

Is it better to put flags in the front-end code or the server? How do you test feature-flagged code? How can you use flags to safely streamline changes to your data schemas? These questions and more are answered in this e-book.

Pro tip: Chapter 6 in the above e-book is a great reference for flags and data-structure changes:

Understanding Experimentation Platforms

The capabilities of Split are based on best practice patterns for online experimentation. These same patterns can be used to track the health of the early stages of a gradual release, to understand the impact of individual features on your key metrics, and to answer questions about real user behavior with A/B testing. Learn more about the “how” and the “why” of experimentation platforms in this e-book.

Just Want to Talk?

If you’d like to have a conversation to learn how Split could fit in with your current initiatives, let us know here. We’ll be in touch!

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