Integrate Split with New Relic

New Relic provides real-time application performance management. Integrate Split data into New Relic to monitor and measure the performance impact of Split changes. Our integration lets you bring Split’s audit log data (metadata including environment, split name, definition, the Split user who initiated the change, and a link back to the Split interface) and impression data (which users see which feature flags) into New Relic to complement the information you’re already collecting from across your application.

What can I do with the Split and New Relic audit log integration?

Here are a few of the things you can do with New Relic and Split.

  • See feature changes in context.  Integrating Split with New Relic places Split audit logs alongside the information you’re monitoring from across your IT infrastructure so you can see what’s happening and troubleshoot faster.
  • Correlate feature impact with application performance. New Relic tells you when things go wrong. Data from Split can help you understand why. Bring an additional layer of insight into New Relic by overlaying Split’s rollout changes, correlating when a code change or feature rollout aligns with a shift in performance or other key metrics.

What can I do with the Split and New Relic impression integration?

If you are using the Java SDKs in both Split and NewRelic, you can also send impression data to NewRelic. With Split impressions added to the transaction level data in New Relic, you can easily query your New Relic data to understand changes in performance for users with different feature flags or experiments.

Connect New Relic and Split Today

Creating a connection between New Relic and Split is easy: create an API key in New Relic and provide that API key and account ID to Split to complete the connection.