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Integrate Split with FullStory

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About FullStory

FullStory is a digital experience analytics platform that captures customer experience data for playback and analysis, allowing companies to build better online experiences.

“We’re thrilled to deepen our partnership and continue to work with Split to enable more perfect digital experiences across the globe. Split’s collaborative nature and feature management and experimentation solutions combined with the insights derived from FullStory provides the value customers need to realize revenue and retain customers; and we are honored to call them partners.”
Jon Mead, Director, Technology Partners and Partner Solutions at FullStory

FullStory and Split

With this integration, product and engineering teams can leverage both quantitative and qualitative data to ensure every feature adds value to their customers and drives business outcomes. Use Split to measure the statistically significant impact of new features and experiments on your KPIs. Send Split feature data to FullStory to validate your results with real-time customer engagement data. You can also send Fullstory custom events back to Split as events to power experimentation and learning. 

What can I do with Split and Fullstory?

  • See how customers interact with new features and experiments. Compare how users interacted with each feature flag treatment in aggregate or watch an individual user recording to see exactly what their experience was like.
  • Detect feature-related friction points in the user journey. Track frustration signals indicating customer experience issues and trace them back to the feature at fault.
  • Build funnels based on any customer goals for a feature. Determine where customers are falling out of the funnel and prioritize improving the features with the greatest impact on your customers and business goals.
  • Iterate on future releases. Use Fullstory custom events in Split as metrics or experiments to further understand the impact of every feature released and optimize the user experience. 

This is a third-party integration that has been tested by Split. Split does not own or maintain this integration.