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Talia Nassi

How to Structure Feature Flags for Entitlements

Learn how to integrate your existing authentication with feature flags to manage entitlements.

7 Essential E-Commerce Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Whether you are selling your own products or creating a platform for others, these are the critical e-commerce metrics you must be tracking for success.

Simultaneous Experimentation: Run Multiple A/B Tests Concurrently

Learn how running simultaneous experiments improve your product as well as increase your revenue and overall velocity.

Introducing the Split CLI

Using the Split CLI, you can go from setting up your Split account to creating and ramping your feature flags in minutes.

Create a Single Page Application with React and React Router

With React Router, you can create multiple routes to determine which component should render based on the link that was clicked.

Build a Python App with Flask & Feature Flags in 10 Minutes

%%excerpt%% In this Python tutorial, you will learn how to add feature flags to your Flask app quickly and safely.

Deploy Your React App with Netlify

If you’re a JavaScript developer, chances are you’ve created a React App before – but once you finish, how do you get it out into the world?

3 Reasons to Automate Your Kill Switch (and 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t)

A kill switch is a tool that allows your team to turn off a feature in production with a single click for when incidents happen in production.

How a Feature Flag Meets its Definition of Done

Like so many things in software development, the added stress of maintaining feature flags can overwhelm teams and stop them from exercising best practices.