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Christopher Johnson

Implementing CI/CD for Microservices Architecture

Do you need help putting your microservices architecture’s CI/CD workflow into practice? Follow this tutorial with code examples.

Strategies For Integrating Feature Flag Management Into An Existing Project

Learn how to integrate feature flag management into an existing project for improved collaboration and efficiency.

How to Use Feature Management for Continuous Integration

One of the critical benefits of feature management is that it makes it easier to iterate on new features. Discover how it helps continuous integration.

Automating Trunk-Based Development With CI/CD

Trunk-based development has grown in favor in recent years. Learn how to automate your processes through continuous integration and deployment.

Building a Serverless Express and TypeScript Application With AWS Lambda

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to make a serverless Express and TypeScript application using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Mocking Request Bodies for API Debugging

API debugging can be a frustrating and time-consuming task for developers. Mocking request bodies can help. Get code examples.

How to Remove an API Key From a Git Commit

Concerned about accidentally exposing sensitive data? Follow these few steps to remove an API key from a Git commit before it reaches the public repository.

Best Practices for Kubernetes Labels and Selectors

Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that allows us to deploy, manage, and scale applications consistently and reliably. Learn how to label.

Creating End-to-End Type Safety In a Modern JS Stack

Type safety is an essential aspect of software development that helps ensure a codebase’s correctness and reliability. Here are some coding tips.