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Bertil Hatt

Tempting Thoughts to A/B Test In Trying Times

Today’s economic forecast is uncertain. However, there are simple testing ideas you can try to make the most of a difficult situation.

How to Make Controversy Good for Business, Part 2

Controversies are problematic when they challenge what you think a project should achieve. That’s why having clear goals is essential.

Seven Essential Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Discover the crucial metrics you should be tracking for data-driven decision-making. Learn about the seven essential indicators that can guide your business towards success and growth. Uncover how’s feature flagging and experimentation platform can help you monitor and optimize these metrics efficiently. Read our blog now to gain valuable insights and take your business strategy to the next level with data-backed decisions.

How to Compute the Confusion Matrix of Your Tests After Running One Hundred Experiments

After running about 100 experiments, you will have gone through a lot of conversations with stakeholders.

Holdout Tests: Your Strategy for Accurate Metrics

When you run multiple experiments, their overall effect is not just the sum of all the average estimated impacts.

Why Experiment At All?

Many product and engineering teams are thrilled with the comfort of feature flags: they can release new code and revert it instantly if anything happens that they don’t like. Having a killswitch as an option significantly diminishes the risk of… Read more

When to Use a Holdback Pattern

You can decide to pick the option that will be easiest to deactivate, in case the holdback pattern experiment gives surprising results.