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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What does DEI mean to us?

Everyone deserves a company that welcomes, supports, and actively provides each individual the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Our focus on DEI is rooted in our care for each other as teammates and human beings. It is our hope that we can collectively uplift each other and be in service to the communities that we are a part of. 


Diversity is a relational concept that describes how a group of two or more people are different from one another. Split strives to cultivate a diverse team of employees and seeks to include those whose exceptional traits are underrepresented throughout the organization (and the tech industry at large).


Equity means providing personalized tools, resources, and compensation to employees because systemic oppression has created unequal and unfair barriers and obstacles for people based on their endowed traits. Split believes that treating everyone equally only maintains historical & societal inequities. For each employee to be and feel successful, embracing individuality is necessary.


Inclusion is the act of striving to get closer to an environment where all individuals are (and feel) respected and valued. Split aims to create an environment where employees are given everything they need physically, mentally, and emotionally. The goal is to achieve inclusion that incorporates and celebrates their uniqueness.

Every Perspective Is Important to Us

Don’t Just Work Here. Belong Here.

We value and respect every teammate’s voice and work hard to build an empathetic environment that has multiple opportunities to be heard. By listening to all perspectives, and uplifting those that are too often unrepresented or silenced, we all take up the oar. 

We Row Together

We value and respect every teammate’s voice and work hard to build an empathetic environment that has multiple opportunities to be heard. By listening to all perspectives, and uplifting those that are too often unrepresented or silenced, we all take up the oar.

We Believe in Bold

We know that business as usual is not enough to build a more inclusive and diverse company. We push ourselves to challenge the status quo with experimentation at the core of our culture. We help each other move beyond fear to take action and learn from our mistakes. 

We Embrace the Journey

We recognize we are on a continuous journey – structural, long-lasting change takes perseverance, collective energy, and refinement over time. We are grateful to share our day-to-day experiences, revitalizing each other to act with urgency and determination. Every win, no matter how small, deserves to be celebrated.

We Care About Every Team Member

We believe in the potential and value of every teammate we hire. We work hard to create psychological safety and engagement because it is integral to people being able to perform at their best. By deliberately building this into our operations, it naturally empowers us to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

We Put Customers at the Center

We are a global company, with global customers. By educating ourselves on their perspectives, values, and cultures, we make ourselves better and can invest in the details that matter most. We aim to exceed expectations and bring delight to our users.

We Aim to be a Good World Citizen

We hope our efforts, no matter how big or small, can do their part, calling attention to the larger worldwide efforts to educate people, dismantle systemic oppression, and end discrimination. If even one person has been affected positively by our work, that is a worthy outcome.

How we’re doing?

A select list of some of our in progress projects

See the full list of our DEI projects

2022 – 2H

  • Continued DEI manager training series with Neurodiversity sessions for all company and manager focus
  • Added DEI onboarding session into employee onboarding program
  • Conducted first Split Volunteer Day to facilitate and encourage our global team to give back to their local communities
  • Initiated a Supplier and Vendor Diversity & Inclusion Program
  • Sponsored engineering and product teammates to attend Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference

2022 – 1H

  • Partnered with our People team to create and rollout our “Remote Inclusive” work strategy addressing how we’re bringing folks together in a remote and hybrid world
  • Added select travel expense benefits if a covered employee needs to travel to get reproductive care services that are no longer available to them in their state of residence
  • Non diverse terminology removed from Split Product
  • First full-time DEI role hired, and DEI action committee launched alongside council – grassroots way for any team member to pitch projects, ideas, and get involved
  • Extended DEI training curriculum, by conducting our first DEI manager training series, and hosting a company-wide external proximity panel learning about experiences of different demographics in the workplace
  • BIPOC of Split affinity group started
  • First Safe Space discussion hosted – established rules of engagement for company
  • Advocated and secured Juneteenth as an official company holiday for 2022
  • Published first external blog on Why DEI?
  • Launched candidate survey, seeking feedback on the interview experience for prospective employees


  • First volunteer DEI co-leads appointed to begin focusing on Split’s DEI strategy
  • First Internal Diversity & Inclusion survey launched & results shared during company all hands meeting
  • Volunteer DEI council established
  • Split defines what Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity for the company and why DEI is important
  • #DiversityatSplit slack channel created


ERGS and Affinity Groups

BIPOC of Split

This group is for BIPOC at Split to support, learn, and connect with each other.

Women of Split

This group is for women at Split to support, learn, and connect with each other. We welcome all women, including trans women, women of color, women from all nationalities and geographies, etc.

Parents at Split

This group is a safe and helpful space for parents to support, learn and connect with each other.

Row with us

We strive together, navigate together, and celebrate together. Grab an oar and join us.