Introducing Our New Partner Program

We’re proud to announce our new global partner program –  Split Commit.  With this announcement, we’re bringing partners to the forefront to help drive positive business outcomes for customers.

Enterprises across industries are looking to transform their teams around modern application development approaches as they face increased pressure to expedite and enhance their digital transformation initiatives. Split Commit better serves these needs by working with global partners who support customers where they are in their feature management and experimentation journeys.

“By partnering with Split, we’re allowing organizations to use our customer data platform together with feature context to power modern approaches to application development,” says Timothy Koeth, Technology Partner Manager at Segment.  “We’re thrilled to be part of Split Commit and know that our continued partnership will create meaningful opportunities for us to grow our business and offer our customers an opportunity to bring features and customer data together to power a rich set of experiences.”

I have the privilege of working with partners like Segment every day. And I couldn’t be happier about the joint success we’re having through the investments we’re making in our partner community with our new program.

The partner program structure of Split Commit is simple. We offer tiered benefits and requirements to prospective solutions and technology providers. We’re also shining a light on our participation in two of the largest Cloud Marketplaces–AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Split Commit is our opportunity to give our partners the recognition and spotlight they deserve. 

Starting today, enterprises can search our refreshed integrations and partner directory to learn more about what solutions our ecosystem provides. Prospective partners can discover our partnering opportunities and program benefits–including marketing, sales, and financial incentives. If you’re interested in joining Split Commit, you can apply online

Our partner ecosystem is one of our strongest assets. And I’m confident that together with our partners, we can help customers deploy more often, release without fear, and experiment to see what their customers love in 2023. Want to learn more?  Check out our partner program information and partner application. And to stay up to date on Split happenings, make sure you follow us on social media – Twitter and LinkedIn

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