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Rolling Out Simple Pricing For Any Scale


From the Developer Desk to the Enterprise Business

Split is designed to give product and engineering teams the tools they need to deploy features that matter, faster. When we started Split, we wanted to ensure that teams didn’t have to build and maintain a feature flagging solution as we had many times in the past. The hope was that they’d be able to focus on innovation for their own products and offerings. As a developer-focused company, our desire to support product development teams hasn’t changed.

In January of 2019, we made changes to our pricing and packaging by introducing our free offering for the developer community. This robust and free plan is still accessible to any software engineer and continues to be a core investment of ours. Since that announcement, we have seen hundreds of companies build their development practices on our free product.

Today, we’re announcing a big change to our pricing and packaging with the introduction of multiple pricing tiers. These offerings have been designed to accommodate teams of any size and with growing needs. From mid-market startups to enterprise banks, we are adapting our pricing plans for a wide-range of organizations.

Our Product Has Expanded & We Have a Plan For Every Stage of Your Maturity

In the last several years, we’ve made significant investments in enriching our measurement and learning products as well as introducing new capabilities focused on enterprise scale governance. These enhancements have made the Split platform a feature rich Feature Management and Experimentation solution. However, the capabilities your team needs may depend on your scale, environment complexity, adoption of feature flags and experimentation, and your organization’s security requirements.

Our new packaging now meets you where you are, providing you the capabilities you need, depending on your stage of the journey with Feature Management and Experimentation.

New Split Pricing & Packaging

Starting this week, we’re excited to bring you a whole new pricing model. This includes four tiers: Developer, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Our pricing is defined by features and packaged to meet the changing needs of maturing development teams. Each package is designed to accommodate companies in their development journey and elevate their feature management and experimentation abilities.

Mapped to our customer maturity model, our free tier empowers small teams to use feature flagging to decouple release from deploy. Meanwhile, our paid tiers allow customers to gain enhanced control, actionable feedback, and insightful data to achieve operational excellence.

Our Free Product Has a Few More Additions

We’ve always focused on providing software engineers the basic capabilities they’d consider building on their own—free of charge. Our new Developer Plan hasn’t changed in that regard. With this new pricing launch, free users can expect new security features like multi-factor authentication as well as session timeouts. Security is at the core of every tier and begins with our free offering.

Simple, Flexible, Transparent

Our new model is designed and priced to match the size, scale, and unique needs of every organization. It’s also meant to ensure easy entry-points, as well as simple upgrades as companies scale their usage and adoption of feature flags.

With this change, we saw an great opportunity to introduce transparency into our pricing. Our predictable pricing is based on the number of seats accessing the platform and the number of capabilities in use.

In addition, we believe expert guidance shouldn’t come at an added cost to you. That’s why each tier is paired with the right level of onboarding, training, on-demand resources, and technical support proven to drive success.

Designed to Support Lasting Relationships

We’re not just about technology. We’re about building better industry practices as a community. That’s why our new pricing and packaging aims to support long-lasting customer relationships. We continue to stick with our customers every step of the way, illuminating a clear path forward towards a culture of continuous improvement and rapid, worry free innovation.

If you’re an existing free customer, I want to thank you for using our product and trusting us with your feature delivery lifecycle over the years. If you’re just looking at Split, contact with questions. Check out our new pricing page and FAQs here.

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