How to Evaluate Experimentation Platforms

At top Internet firms, experimentation guides data-driven product evolution. It provides objective data to aid in prioritizing product development efforts. Leading Internet companies have invested literally hundreds of millions of dollars in time and infrastructure to create the ideal experimentation platform for their business.

Today, there is a range of options for product and engineering teams that are getting started with experimentation. The question is, how do you select the experimentation platform that is right for your business? In this webinar, Dan Woods of CITO Research will break down the options available and discuss the pros and cons of each option. And, Henry Jewkes from Split Software will provide a live demo of the Split Feature Experimentation Platform.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The types of options available for experimentation, including open source, feature management and full stack experimentation platforms
  • Recommendations on proof of concept (PoC) criteria
  • Technical details on the the Split Feature Experimentation Platform


  • Dan Woods, CITO Research
  • Henry Jewkes, Split Software