Release Notes

November 2, 2017

SDK Enhancements

  • Support for Languages with no Split SDK
    For those languages where there is no native SDK support, Split now offers a small service, written in Node, capable of evaluating some or all available features for a given customer via a REST endpoint – the Split Evaluator.  We offer the Evaluator to be cloned as is or it can be easily spun up in a provided Docker Container.  For customers developing native iOS and Android SDKs, this is also a great service to use to allow you to manage all your feature rollouts on the server side and make sure you’re not tying your mobile app version to a third party SDK.

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Latest Releases

  • December 15th, 2020

    Integrations Amazon S3 Integration Split can now ingest events directly from files stored in your S3 bucket. The files inside the provisioned S3 bucket should be in Parquet format with a specific schema (as defined in our documentation) and should not exceed 100MB in size when compressed.

  • November 17th, 2020

    Management Console Admin Audit Logs Split now logs every time an admin creates, changes, or deletes objects such as users, settings, and integrations. Admins can access these logs to see every change that was made and who made them. Admin Audit Logs can be filtered by change type or object;…

  • October 30th, 2020

    Statistics Multiple Comparison Correction You can now apply a statistical correction to control the False Discovery Rate when making multiple comparisons in the same experiment. The significance threshold setting can be adjusted to higher or lower confidence. Using the default significance threshold of 5%, you can be confident that at…

  • September 8th, 2020

    Management Console Data export A new “Data Exports” tab is located within the Data Hub, where you will be able to create and download (CSV) exports for impressions and events for up to 90 days worth of data. Your organization can run 5 reports per day, and will also be…

  • August 18th, 2020

    Statistics Welch’s T-Test Statistical results in Split are now calculated using Welch’s T-Test. Unlike the more commonly used Student’s T-Test, Welch’s T-Test does not assume that the samples have equal variances. This makes the Welch approach more accurate in cases where there is both a difference between the variances of…