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Getting Started with the iOS SDK

Split’s iOS SDK brings robust, scalable feature flags and feature experimentation to iOS applications, giving any team the power to safely launch features and target them to users across iOS devices.

Why use Split for iOS?

Split’s iOS software development kit brings scalable feature flags to any iOS application. Split helps teams control rollouts, and customer experiences, while gathering new data and insights on product engagement.

Mobile-focused teams are always experimenting as they look to improve the customer experience or drive a consistent experience across devices. But each new experiment or quickly-turned-around feature introduces risk—that response times will be slower, that the application may crash, that the button may not respond or that your users simply may not like the change. Split’s iOS SDK puts all of these issues under your control, by letting you:

  • Serve functionality alongside Split’s other SDKs to drive a consistent experience across mobile, web and server side.
  • Deploy new functionality safely by releasing new versions of your application with functionality disabled.
  • Slowly roll out features to a broader audience by percentage, device, demographic, geography, account type, or any other metric.
  • Understand the impact of new functionality on customer experience by tracking key metrics across the customer experience through Feature Experimentation.
  • Kill features with a single click to revert back to your safe state.

Getting Started

Split’s iOS SDK is simple to integrate into your code base and is completely open source. All it really takes to get rolling with Split is initiating the SDK, then splitting your code.