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Day 4: Changing the Way We Work

Switch on Day 4 of Flagship 2023! First, we have gathered a panel of experts with diverse industry backgrounds to discuss driving team and organizational change. This discussion will be hosted by Split’s own Christina Singh, VP of Customer Success. Then we’ll sit down with a returning Dr. Craig Statham from the SAS Institute and he brought along his research partner Stephen Walters from GitLab to talk about their recent paper on Value Stream Reference Architecture.

Watch the events of Day 4 on-demand right here. You can also peruse the event agenda below to access every session on-demand at your leisure.

We look forward to interacting with all of our dedicated Splitters throughout Flagship 2023 and we hope you enjoy the show!

Flagship Day 4 Highlights:

Panel Discussion: Changing The Way We Work

It is considered a significant building block for achieving best practice. The conversation includes examples of Agile adoption and its challenges. Panelists represent organizations in the automotive, medical aesthetic, and dating app industries. They discussed using Split for risk management, software development, and experimentation. The importance of culture, people, and processes in driving change is highlighted. Best practices include upfront work, empathy, clear communication, and collaboration.

Value Stream Reference Architecture Research Paper Discussion

The paper proposes new ways to identify and organize using value stream management and team topologies. The session will cover the reasons why a value stream reference architecture is needed for DevSecOps. The problems addressed include DevSecOps transformations getting stuck in a mid-tier of maturity, working in silos despite efforts not to, and tool chain sprawl. The value stream reference architecture can help resolve these problems by using a platform engineering approach, mapping a lean approach to value streams, and addressing Conway’s Law.

The paper introduces the concept of team topologies and applies mathematical concepts to identify the current state of team topologies. The flow equations are introduced to measure flow and cognitive load in teams. The paper provides examples and explains how to apply the findings. The paper can be accessed on the DevOps Institute website for free by creating a Skill Up Lite account.

Day 4

Panel Discussion: Driving Team & Organizational Change

This event will be hosted by Christina Singh, VP of Customer Success at Split. Jim Naylor has always been in love with problems which could benefit from an application of thoughtful technology, and is equally passionate about how to optimally run a product organization to yield faster outcomes. Join him and our other panelists to discuss the role of culture in organizations, adopting new ways of working, and the continued need for collaboration.

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Christina Singh - VP of Customer Success - Split
Jim Naylor - Director of Product - Allergan Data Labs
Weiting Xu - Head of Product Analytics - Cazoo
Naomi Rutledge - Director of Platform Engineering - Hinge
Craig Statham - Chief Software Architect - SAS
Stephen Walters - Field CTO - GitLab

Value Stream Reference Architecture

This session is an introduction into the Value Stream Reference Architecture, a paper published through the DevOps Institute and authored by Dr. Craig Statham of SAS Institute and Stephen Walters, Field CTO at GitLab. In this talk they will start with Why a Value Stream Reference Architecture is needed, how a Value Stream Reference Architecture can help and finally, what the VSRA is.

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