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Day 2: Move Faster & Smarter

On Day 2 of Flagship 2023, we’ll welcome Craig Statham, Chief Software Architect at SAS, and Joe Rieger, Software Architect at Rocket Mortgage to the virtual stage. Gain valuable insights as they retrace their feature management journey.

Both talks will be followed by a live Q&A, where you’ll be able to chat directly with our guests.

Watch the events of Day 2 on-demand right here. You can also peruse the event agenda below to access every session on-demand at your leisure.

We look forward to interacting with the community throughout Flagship. Enjoy the show!

Flagship Day 2 Highlights:

Craig Statham from SAS Institute and Joe Rieger from Rocket Mortgage share their experiences on moving faster and smarter in their businesses

SAS is a world leader in analytics, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence. SAS’s software as a service journey involved moving to the cloud and improving deployment frequency and feature delivery. SAS implemented Split to enable smaller and more frequent deployments, using feature flags to control customer access to new features. Split helped SAS to adopt a growth mindset, embrace DevOps, and improve performance metrics.

For Rocket Mortgage, the goal was to be swift, small, and smart, with daily deployments, reduced lead time for changes, and faster issue resolution. Split was used to separate features into smaller releases and enable trunk-based development. Essential scheduling was used to deploy features in customer off-hours. They used Split to identify issues, resolving them by turning off feature flags, and collaborating across teams.

Day 2

Customer Case Study: SAS Institute Inc.

Craig is a Chief Software Architect and experienced senior leader with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and they’re the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Craig shares how SAS Institute’s Customer Intelligence Solutions group’s moved from on-prem to SaaS, from a fixed to growth mindset and from large and slow projects to moving “swift, small and smart” with help from feature flags powered by Split.

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Craig Statham - Chief Software Architect - SAS
Joe Rieger - Software Architect - Rocket Mortgage

Reliability at Scale

We will explore how reliability impacts everyone who interacts with our products, not just our clients. Discussing reliability and stability in this context, we will discuss standards and best practices for encouraging teams to experiment quickly and often with feature flags, how to monitor for effectiveness, and how to implement systems at scale to ensure each application can grow and scale effectively while keeping cost and simplicity of our systems in line.

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