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Day 1: Foundations for Success

To kick off Flagship 2023, join us for an exciting keynote presentation by Split’s CEO, Brian Bell.

Then, we welcome Stefano Giudici, Lead Product Manager at Moneyfarm to the virtual stage. This will be followed by a live Q&A, where you’ll be able to chat directly with our guest speakers.

Watch the events of Day 1 on-demand right here. You can also peruse the event agenda below to access every session on-demand at your leisure.

We look forward to interacting with the community throughout Flagship. Enjoy the show!

Flagship Day 1 Highlights:

Introduction by CEO Brian Bell, highlighting challenges and opportunities in the industry

Brian highlighted the importance of feature management and experimentation for successful digital experiences. Survey results showing the value and impact of feature management and experimentation. The building blocks of best practice require a collaborative platform, data-driven decision-making, security and scalability, and expert guidance. Split continues to make enhancements to improve collaboration, feature observability, security, and education. And the importance of education and expert guidance in driving successful transformations.

The new era of AI presents challenges to developers

Embracing a new way of AI testing is necessary. Companies should launch fast and continuously test AI models. User interactions can be leveraged to improve AI performance. Split enables this type of feature management and experimentation. Split has implemented an AI-based in-app assistant. Our rollout control helps in delivering features gradually and reducing risks.

Moneyfarm used rollout control for share investing launch

Experimentation allows A/B testing and measuring feature improvements. Moneyfarm experimented with asking for phone numbers after sign-up. Conversion rates increased in the onboarding journey. Split integration, measurement, and control are important considerations for A/B testing.

Day 1

Flagship 2023 Kickoff Keynote

Welcome to Flagship 2023! Let’s get things started with a word from our CEO, Brian Bell. He will walk you through what we have in store for Flagship this year. Sit back, relax, and switch it on!

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Brian Bell - CEO - Split
Stefano Giudici - Lead Project Manager - Moneyfarm

Customer Case Study: Moneyfarm

Stefano Giudici is a Lead Product Manager at Moneyfarm, a platform that makes personal investing simple and accessible. Moneyfarm manages over £2.2 billion and serves more than 80,000 investors with good-to-go portfolios, designed to support individual goals. Stefano shares how his team was able to rapidly adopt Split to achieve greater release control and conduct experiments with new features. After two brief case studies, he shares the integration, measurement and governance steps Moneyfarm took to get to a safe and trustworthy implementation.

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