Split Software Data Sub-processors

Last Revised: October 4, 2021

Third Party Service/Vendor Purpose Location of Sub-processor (Entity) Website
Ably Real-time Ltd. Push Infrastructure United Kingdom https://www.ably.io
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Data Hosting USA https://aws.amazon.com
Atlassian Pty Ltd Internal Wiki, Ticket Tracking, Status Page & On-Call Pager USA https://www.atlassian.com
Avalara, Inc. Sales Tax Reporting USA https://www.avalara.com
Calendly LLC Scheduling USA https://calendly.com
Confluent, Inc. Data and Event Pipeline USA https://www.confluent.io
Databricks, Inc. Statistical Calculations USA https://www.databricks.com
Datadog, Inc. Monitoring and Alerting USA https://www.datadoghq.com
DocuSign, Inc. Electronic Signatures USA https://www.docusign.com
Fastly, Inc. Content Delivery Network USA https://www.fastly.com
Fivetran, Inc. ETL for Snowflake USA https://www.fivetran.com
Formagrid, Inc., dba Airtable Feature Request Tracking USA https://www.airtable.com
FullStory, Inc. User Session Recordings USA https://www.fullstory.com
Functional Software, Inc. d/b/a Sentry Error Monitoring USA https://www.sentry.io
Google LLC Google Workspace & Analytics USA https://www.google.com
Hubspot, Inc. Marketing Platform USA https://www.hubspot.com
InsightSquared, Inc. Sales Insights USA https://www.insightsquared.com
Looker Data Sciences, Inc. Business Intelligence USA https://www.looker.com
Medallia, Inc. Customer Success USA https://www.medallia.com
MongoDB, Inc. Database Hosting USA https://www.mongodb.com
Outreach Corporation Sales Outreach USA https://www.outreach.io
Pantheon Systems, Inc. Corporate Website Hosting USA https://www.pantheon.io
Pendo.io, Inc. Net Promoter Score USA https://www.pendo.io
Recurly, Inc. Invoicing USA https://www.recurly.com
SaaSOptics, LLC Financial Operations Platform USA https://www.saasoptics.com
SafeBase, Inc. Security Status Page USA https://www.safebase.io
Salesforce.com, Inc. CRM USA https://www.salesforce.com
Segment.io, Inc. Analytics USA https://www.segment.com
Sender, Inc. Direct Mail USA https://www.sendoso.com
SendGrid, Inc. Email Service Provider USA https://www.sendgrid.com
Sharework SAS Partnerships France https://www.reveal.co
Slack Technologies, Inc. Chat Communications USA https://www.slack.com
Snowflake, Inc. Data Warehouse USA https://www.snowflake.com
Stripe, Inc. Payment Processing USA https://www.stripe.com
Sumo Logic, Inc. SIEM/Logging USA https://www.sumologic.com
Sutro Labs Inc. d/b/a Census dbt Integration for Snowflake USA https://www.getcensus.com
Terminus Software, Inc. Email Signature Marketing USA https://www.terminus.com
Threat Stack, Inc. IDS/IPS USA https://www.threatstack.com
Xero Limited Accounting Platform New Zealand https://www.xero.com
Zapier, Inc. Automation USA https://www.zapier.com
Zendesk, Inc. Support Tickets USA https://www.zendesk.com
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Video & Audio Communications USA https://www.zoom.us