Field Guide to Progressive Delivery + Experimentation

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Ready to Build a Feature Delivery and Experimentation Program?

Whether you want trunk-based development or an A/B test, if you unleash DevOps feature flags, you make it easy to deliver software features quickly and safely. Learn eight best practices for using feature flags in production, including how to configure and manage a growing set of features within your product, maintain them over time, manage infrastructure migrations, and more.

  • Part One – Feature Flags and Progressive Delivery
  • Part Two – Measurement and Experimentation

Each section contains detailed information to help you on your feature delivery and experimentation journey. This guide will highlight the design of experiment software to help you improve any digital experience platform.

  • What’s safer than a blue/green deployment
  • How to use feature flags in CI/CD
  • Continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment
  • The drawbacks of dark launches
  • The drawbacks of dark launches
  • Experiment management platform overview and so much more

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