Field Guide to Progressive Delivery + Experimentation

Ready to Build a Feature Delivery and Experimentation Program?

Whether you’re looking to get a better understanding of a canary deployment or you want to learn how to set up a change advisory board (or CAB), you’ve come to the right place! Our new A to Z guide on all things Progressive Delivery and Experimentation features the terms and concepts that you need to know when it comes to building a modern feature delivery and experimentation program. There are two parts to your guide:

  • Part One – Feature Flags and Progressive Delivery
  • Part Two – Measurement and Experimentation

Each section contains detailed information to help you on your feature delivery and experimentation journey.

Download this free guide and learn:

  • What’s safer than a blue/green deployment
  • How to use feature flags in CI/CD
  • Continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment
  • The drawbacks of dark launches
  • Phases of the feature delivery lifecycle
  • And so much more…