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Why Full-Stack Experimentation Is Essential for Digital Transformation

The Current State of Experimentation

As any business that goes to market quickly learns, the way a product or feature is actually used can be radically different from the developer’s intent. Customers respond to and use a product in the way that works best for them. This white paper examines how businesses can embrace a culture of experimentation and make it part of their product development DNA.

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What You Will Learn

Experimentation in some form or another is not unique to the Internet. For instance, grocery stores and clothing retailers have always relied on testing, evaluating whether items sold better if they were located in one specific part of the store versus another. Movie studios and advertisers use focus groups. But the Internet has given companies the ability to vastly expand, improve, and revolutionize the experimentation process.

In fact, you could argue that the core innovation of the Internet has been to take data generated by users at scale to perfect, personalize, and optimize the customer experience. And companies can realize true gains from many forms of experimentation. This paper will address the following questions:

  • Why is full-stack experimentation crucial to sustain innovation?
  • What benefits come from full-stack experimentation?
  • How can full-stack experimentation be adopted broadly?
  • And more! Download this free guide today.

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