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Split Free Edition includes everything engineering teams need to start feature flagging, separate deploy from release, and safely rollout updates.

Split pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every feature. As a result, organizations can release features, target customers, and measure the impact on customers and other metrics.

With the Split Free Edition, you get access to:

  • Up to 10 user seats — collaborate with team members.
  • Unlimited frontend, backend and mobile feature flags.
  • API access, workflow integrations, and audit logs.
  • Unlimited production and staging environments.
  • Unlimited customer segments for targeting.

All for free! Additionally, try out all of our paid features during your first 30 days with Split Free Edition. This includes, SSO, monitoring, and experimentation functionality.

Feature flags with real-time measurement allow teams to master the feature delivery lifecycle. So, developers operate with greater confidence, iterate faster, and reduce release risk by using feature flags. See how feature flags and data drive results. With feature flags, you can reimagine the software development process and drive business value.

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