Managing Feature Flags: Deliver Faster With Smaller Increments

Managing Feature Flags by O'Reilly

Feature Flags offer a powerful way to turn code ideas into immediate outcomes without breaking anything in the meantime. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Deliver Software Fast in Small Increments

In this short book, you’ll learn how teams can successfully apply feature flag solutions—aka toggles, flips, gates, or switches—to accelerate software delivery. You’ll learn about different types of feature flags, and explore critical code-level techniques to keep your feature flagging code manageable. You’ll also learn how to keep the number of flags in your codebase to a manageable level.

  • Use feature flag management to determine which users are exposed to a given feature
  • Examine several cases involving feature flags, including continuous delivery and testing in production
  • Learn techniques to ensure that feature-flagged code is readable, maintainable, and testable
  • Explore the trends and practices that are driving the convergence of continuous delivery and experimentation