Metrics Product Managers Care About

Experimentation is key to the type of rapid innovation environments companies want to foster.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European mandate regulating how companies must treat data belonging to EU citizens. The result of this regulation gives more control over how people’s personal data is used and safeguard

When using an experimentation platform, it quickly becomes evident that 95% of ideas do not produce true product benefits. To quickly identify the 5% of ideas that do, product managers need to define and rely on a consistent set of metrics. For most full-stack experimentation platforms, creating a panel of metrics to gauge product ideas can be challenging.

This brief by CITO Research reveals:

  • The challenges with most approaches to metrics
  • Creating a metric-based approach that’s meaningful for product managers
  • The categories of critical metrics to consider

Download the brief to learn more.