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Experimentation Is Key to the Type of Rapid Innovation Environments Companies Want To Foster

Stagnation, whether in ideas or in the development process, is what can lead to companies losing their edge and falling behind their competitors. But to succeed, you usually have to try out a lot of ideas.

Just as great writers can be self-editors that “kill their darlings,” or pieces of prose that, however musical, don’t fit the rest of the story, companies have to cycle through a litany of ideas to see what works and what doesn’t — and not cling to ideas that sound particularly good or resonate with key team members but don’t work in practice.

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Advanced Tips for the Continuous Delivery Product Team

Such an approach gives a more comprehensive view of the results of a given experiment. You don’t have to define success criteria in advance. It means that company-wide goals, like conversion rates or application load time or the number of errors that occurred, are factored in every time.

And it also means that the metrics product managers care about are analyzed for every experiment. That means product managers can always have data about crucial metrics across a range of categories, such as:

  • Happiness: Net promoter score (NPS), survey results, and other feedback
  • Engagement: Number of sessions per user, session duration, etc
  • Adoption: How many people are using this feature?
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