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Closing the Data Gap in Product Development

From Code to Boardroom: How Engineering Practices and Data-Driven Insights Can Influence Business Goals

The vast majority of executives believe too many product decisions are based primarily on intuition and experience. Business leaders crave more testing with customers and more detailed information about how products perform in the market. Decision-making processes and corporate structures aren’t helping matters. Download this free white paper to learn more.

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One Data Gap That Still Needs To Be Filled

Business leaders say that their organizations need better data and analytics capabilities than they currently have. Without them, empowerment will lead to chaos and poor decisions. Through surveys and interviews, Harvard Business Review discusses how organizations are:

  • Leveraging experimentation to bridge this data gap
  • Making the development process more iterative while preserving quality checkpoints
  • Planning radical changes to corporate structures and decision making
  • And more! Download this free white paper today.

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