Feature Flags: An Essential Guide

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Feature Flags offer a powerful way to turn code ideas into immediate outcomes without testing in production and breaking anything. Get this in-depth guide to unleash feature flags and help you deploy continuously with trunk-based development. Download the eBook to learn more.

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Value of Feature Flag Solutions

Safer Releases

You can reduce the risks associated with rolling out a new feature. If anything goes wrong during the feature rollout process, feature flagging provide a fast and effective mitigation strategy. 

Results Engine

Continuous Experimentation

Feature flag management allows you to scientifically validate your product ideas. By correlating user behavior with feature exposure, you are able to gain insight into the true impact of a feature. 

Management Console

DevOps Control

Adding custom flag toggle kill switches deep within a system allows operators to degrade a system gracefully when confronted with issues like overwhelming load or 3rd-party outages.