An Engineering Manager’s Playbook

How Engineering Managers Can Bring Back the Joy of Building

Enabling A Culture of Experimentation With Feature Management

When it feels like too much is being lumped onto the plates of software engineers, feature management programs can ease their burdens. This white paper examines why that is and what solutions to implement for maximum velocity. Team health, business objectives, and risk mitigation might seem like separate priorities, but it’s necessary to address them simultaneously. Download this free white paper to learn more.

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Common Challenges for Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers like Matt Winchester recognize these familiar sources of development stress.

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  • Branch Management Complexity

    As a developer, you probably have many horror stories about late-night and weekend deployments.
  • Sudden Weekend Deployments

    Releasing features during low-traffic periods can be a necessary evil—especially in the cloud computing era—to minimize catastrophic software issues. But, with Split, releases can take place all the time.
  • DevOps Silos

    Sometimes, the buck gets passed onto the engineers because of a lack of synergy across teams. The result is bottlenecks and rough nights for the team. Until Split came along, that is.

Split Is a Leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

Feature Management Solutions

Whether you’re merging conflicts, managing silos, or working on the weekend, Engineering Managers can make life better for their teams.

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  • An Experimentation Mindset

    Experimentation-focused mindsets and behaviors embolden teams and gives them the confidence to move fast without breaking things.
  • Automation

    Offload tedious monitoring and measurement tasks. Cloud solutions can support this through automations that help engineering and operation teams analyze usage patterns and data.
  • Agile Workflow Template

    Achieving an Agile Workflow requires robust automation and analytics to monitor releases, measure performance, and rigorously test new features.

Away From Keyboard

What brings Matt Winchester fulfillment in his job is finding new efficiencies. Before Split, it took 20 people to release one feature in one hour. Now it takes one person from Matt’s team just five minutes.

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