The Past and Future of Feature Release

The perks of being an innovator in product development come with pitfalls. There’s fatigue from long hours dedicated to problem-solving and disappointment when missing out on social and family events due to work. Product development is more journey than destination. So, what makes it all worthwhile? Check out this free eBook to learn more.

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Solving for Feature Release Friction

With the right tools and frameworks, feature releases can occur multiple times a day, and many developers feel equipped to work more independently, under less unnecessary pressure. What does this look like in practice? Can developers really move fast and thrive?

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  • Pain Point #1: A Demanding Release Schedule

    As a developer, you probably have many horror stories about late-night and weekend deployments.
  • Pain Point #2: Looming Threats of Errors and Downtime

    Causing an outage or releasing an error into production is the stuff of nightmares for engineers.
  • Pain Point #3: Slow Release Cycles Impact Workload, Consistency, and Motivation

    Developers want to be able to move fast, delivering on new product features at scale.
  • Pain Point #4: The Ongoing Desire for Autonomy and Freedom

    Given the time and space, you would probably happily contemplate ways to make things better, faster, and more efficient.

Split Is a Leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

Gain Autonomy and Minimize Stress

In today’s tech environment, advocating for these key elements of the developer experience isn’t easy. With more companies downsizing their teams and halting their hiring efforts, you may feel like you don’t want to rock the boat—even if you’re sinking. You don’t want to look ungrateful by requesting more autonomy, better processes, and additional resources.

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  • Work/Life Balance

    As a developer, you probably have many horror stories about late-night and weekend deployments.
  • Teamwork

    You should be enabled to deliver high-quality code and still have the time and energy to do things outside of work.
  • Creative Freedom

    You should feel valued by your organization and given the space to tackle problems with creative ideas.

Away From Keyboard

What brings Matt Winchester fulfillment in his job is finding new efficiencies. Before Split, it took 20 people to release one feature in one hour. Now it takes one person from Matt’s team just five minutes.

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