O’Reilly: Continuous Delivery in the Wild

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In this eBook, Pete Hodgson, breaks down the fundamentals of Continuous Delivery. Based on interviews with engineering teams of all shapes, sizes, and levels of sophistication, he shares how Continuous Delivery works in the real DevOps world.

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How Real DevOps Engineering Orgs Do It

You’ve probably heard plenty about CI/CD pipelines. But how do engineering DevOps teams with GitOps operational frameworks put it in practice? Should you have a staging environment? Do trunk-based development? Use pull requests? Rely on a Jenkins pipeline to wrap your code in feature flags?

  • Why you should use fewer, not more, continuous development environments
  • How branching and continuous integration (CI) make CD possible
  • Why even advanced orgs sometimes violate trunk-based development
  • How code review processes and batch sizes impact velocity
  • Deployment strategies such as single-piece flow and the release bus
  • How feature flags and controlled rollouts separate deploy from release
  • Actions to implement or improve within your own organization