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Split is the best way to roll out new features, target them to the right audience, and protect your customers from failure.

"Split has enabled us to move much faster. We can ship code straight through to production knowing that our users won’t see it until we’re ready to show them."
Christopher Child, VP of Product Segment

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Feature flags of the future.

Split gives you control over how your features reach your customers, post-deployment. Commit to master, deploy as often as you’d like; Split lets you QA in production, release internally, and slowly ramp new features as you monitor their success.

Built for the entire team.

Split makes feature rollout easy—for engineers, for product managers, for the entire team. With Split, anyone can launch a feature targeted to the right audience, or kill it without a code deployment.

Integrates with the tools you already use.

Split integrates with the tools your team is already using, helping you to socialize the status of any feature release and quickly remediate issues when they do pop up.