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Split’s Developer Tier includes everything engineering teams need to start feature flagging, separate deployments from releases, and safely make updates. With the Split Free Developer Tier, you get access to the following:

  • Up to 10 user seats: collaborate with team members
  • Unlimited frontend, backend and mobile feature flags
  • Client & server-side feature flags
  • Rich API access and developer productivity integrations
  • 50,000 MTKs included

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Why Use Split?

Split pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with the benefits of trunk-based development and data to measure the impact of every feature. As a result, an organization utilizing DevOps best practices can release features, target customers, and measure the impact on its business.

Split is a leader in Feature Management and Continuous Delivery

Release Confidently

Empower developers to release new features without fear. Rollout updates with minimal risk and achieve true CICD.

Rollback Reliably

If you see an error in production after rollout, easily perform an automated rollback for continuous delivery.

Experiment Often

Measure how metrics impact your experiments and catch mistakes earlier.

Release new features up to 50x faster

Discover how data drives results with feature flags, and reimagine the software development process while driving business value.

I value Split because on release night, it means I get to spend more time with my family.

– Matt Winchester, Engineering Manager

Matt Winchester

Learn Why Agile Businesses Choose Split

We were fortunate to sit down with software development manager, Geoff Rayback, away from his keyboard. Geoff tackles topics such as speed and resiliency, and how to be able to focus on what you love doing most.