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How to A/B Test Every Feature Release

How to A/B Test Every Feature Release feature image

With continuous delivery practices often comes an acceleration of the feature release cadence. Feature flags provide additional control, separating feature release from code deployment. However, with all these additional releases, how are you measuring the impact of this accelerated engineering work?

In this webinar, hear from Trevor Stuart, Head of Product at Split Software about why you need to think about experimentation if you are moving toward continuous delivery. Kevin Li, Solutions Architect at Split Software will provide a detailed technical overview and demonstration of the Split Feature Experimentation Platform.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why it is important to have comprehensive measurement in your CI/CD process
  • How other solutions fall short in providing insights on every feature release
  • Technical information on how Split works with a live demo


  • Trevor Stuart, Head of Product, Split Software
  • Kevin Li, Solutions Architect, Split Software

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