Powering Safe Launch at Scale

Split co-founder and CEO Adil Aijaz dives head first into “safe launch” the new methodology behind feature releases at companies like Netflix, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where Adil was a Senior Engineer working their internal feature release platform. He’ll share his insights on why these companies are slowly rolling out new features, targeting them to subsets of customers, doing QA in production, and switching to single-branch coding. He’ll also highlight how Split takes the same approach using their eponymous platform through the use of feature flags in code, how Split’s SDKs are used to calculate who should see what without introducing delay, and show how they launch new features and kill problems quickly in large distributed systems without the need for a code rollback.

Adil Aijaz is CEO and co-founder at Split Software, the leading platform for intelligent software delivery. Adil brings over ten years of engineering and technical experience having worked as a software engineer and technical specialist at some of the most innovative enterprise companies such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and most recently RelateIQ (acquired by Salesforce). Prior to founding Split in 2015, Adil’s tenure at these companies helped build the foundation for the startup giving him the needed experience in solving data-driven challenges and delivering data infrastructure.

This event was recorded Wednesday, July 26, at SalesforceIQ in Palo Alto.