August 3, 2022

Learning and Onboarding

  • Split Arcade
  • Split Arcade is an interactive, gamified experience that provides persona-based technical training, tutorials, and best-practice guidance from industry experts. Users gain access to highly engaging content including product explainer videos, clickable product walkthroughs, manipulatable code examples, and more. With knowledge checks along the way, team members earn professional certifications and LinkedIn badges to validate progress.

Language Library Enhancements

  • Flutter Plugin
  • Split’s Flutter Plugin brings scalable feature flags to any app, website, or experience built with Flutter. Just inject the service into any component and start evaluating flags and tracking events.

August 1, 2022

Feature Management Console

  • Attribute Dictionary
  • With Split’s Attribute Dictionary, admins can now easily create custom attributes and suggested values. Users can then select from a list of predefined attributes and values to help decrease development time.

SDK Enhancements

  • LogLevel Configurations
  • LogLevel Configuration gives developers more granularity when choosing what level of logs they want to capture within their iOS and Android SDKs.

July 29, 2022


  • Google Tag Manager
  • The Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration is an extension of our Google Analytics (GA) integration. With this extension, users can easily define which usage data to track and send over to Split to help make better-informed decisions.

July 26, 2022

Admin Console

  • Allow Admins to Skip Approval Flows
  • To avoid delays when changes need to occur right away, admins can now skip approval flows on selected environments.